Tom's Flight Dreams

I've topped the winds-swept heights where never Lark or even Eagle flew...

Other Aircraft

The Long-EZ is “my” plane. It is a part of me, and I can’t imagine not owning her. Having said this, there are other planes that have a special place in my heart (and logbook). They include:


Each of these planes is a thing of beauty, yet they achieve this while excelling in the role for which they were designed, be it fighter or attack, tanker or trainer or transport.


Other planes, although great in their own right, earned their place in my heart because of what I have gotten to do in them. These include:



Sometimes, the best planes fly together: The 787 flies in formation with Supermarine Spitfires (photo Ed Turner)

Now that’s a big smile: me in the front cockpit of an USAF T-38 right after I flew it faster than sound and practiced Space Shuttle approaches to the Edwards Dry Lake bed in 2000.


A 4-ship of Prowlers over the San Juan Islands.

Me posing in front of my squadron (VAQ-129) and her Prowlers