Flight Dreams

2006 Flyabout


Off to see the Space Shuttle

I was getting pretty burned out working on the Boeing 787 cockpit integration when I thought about heading out again on a Flyabout. I had seen the first drop test of the Space Shuttle back in 1977, and I had always then wanted to see a launch. Failing at that, I figured I would at least head to Washington, DC to see the shuttle Enterprise, the same one that had done the drop test. I mentioned these plans to a co-worked, Brian Kelly, and he told me that his dad lived near the museum, was a pilot, and would gladly host me. With that, off I went, without having a route or schedule worked out.

Catching up with Brian Mickelson, who I met at Navy boot camp, hung out with in flight school, and was one of the groomsmen at my wedding.


I finally got to see a Space Shuttle up close at the national Air and Space Museum

Homeward Bound: Crossing the Cascade Mountains on my way back into the Puget Sound.

NAS Whiting North, the field where I first learned to fly for the Navy.

This trip was done right at the end of the season where it was practical - the first winter snows hit Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho on my way back. I was able to avoid most of the weather, but I was very cold throughout, especially given that there is really no heat in the plane.

All that said, it was great to get away from it all and wander the country for a week - then back to helping get the 787 ready for First Flight.