Tom's Flight Dreams

I've topped the winds-swept heights where never Lark or even Eagle flew...

Flying has shown me the world from a perspective different than what most people see. I have seen the world from above, and once I had, it has never felt the same again.


I could never get tired of sunsets, rainbows, thunderstorms in the distance, green hills in spring, and the rolling waves of wheat in the fall.

I have looked down on places that others have spent a lifetime trying to get just close enough to see.

Western Sunset

San Juan Islands, WA

August 2002

Lady Liberty
August 2011

Wind streaks

Great Salt Lake, UT

August 2011

Kitty Hawk monument -- Aug 2011


In The Beginning

Kill Devil Hill, NC

July 2011

Mt. Rushmore, SD
August 2001

Channel Islands beckon

Bellingham, WA

June 2009

Godly glow over Mt. Olympus
August 2010
Rainier above the Clouds
September 2010

Elliott Bay on a calm evening

Seattle, WA

November 2009

Over the Falls in a Barrel Roll

Niagara Falls, NY

July 2011

San Juan Sunset


July 2007

Golden Gate

San Francisco, CA

October 2004

Olympic Afterglow
Paine Field, WA
September 2008

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Jul 2011

Grand Canyon of the Colorado


August 2011

Ghost of naval Aviators past
Bremerton, WA
May 2011

Green Deck
USS Lincoln in Straights of San Juan de Fuca
June 2007

Needle in the Haystack
Cannon Beach, OR
September 2006

Kentucky Sunrise

September 2007

Bear Paws at the sky
Havre, MT
August 2001

Earning My Wings Again

20th anniversary of earning my Navy Wings

Straights of San Juan de Fuca

October 7, 2008

Twilight Glow over the Sound
JuneĀ  2009

Close Encounters
Devil's Tower, WY
July 2011
Gateway Arch
St. Louis, MO
October 2012
The View From Above

Land's End
Approaching Cape Flattery, the northwestern-most point in the lower 48, from the Pacific
April 2012

Invictus over Puget Sound
(photo J. Marzulli)
December 2012

Rainbow's End
Thun Field, WA
April 2013

The Vanishing Point
Paine Field, WA

January 2014

Far Above Cayuga's Waters lies our fair Cornell
Ithaca, NY
August 2014

Seattle Skyline at Sunset
August 2014

Puget Sound on cold winter's eve


December 2014

Tea Party
Boston Harbor, MA
August 2014